Saturday, October 24, 2009

Picnic Night

I went to this bar the other night that was called Picnic. I walk to the train at shin-yokohama (a different city that means little yokohama) then take it to a place called nakagawa. Walked from nakagawa to this little road with no signs and no lights. at the end of the road was the bar which had a sweet outside area with all these big ass colorful home made candles on the ground, a projector show going on and lots of seating with a very nice view. The sky was really bright because the clouds reflect back all the city light. also the moon was a big half moon low in the sky. I met a bunch of people through a dude i work with. lots of really cool not traditional japanese people there. By not traditional i mean they are more outgoing, artistic, and in a nontypical japanese environment. definately one of the coolest bars i have been to (way off the beaten path).  I met a kiwi guy who i will work with (we talked about scrumpys!), a dude from Africa named Mamadou who is a musician and has lived in japan for 15 years, a surfer dude named Soshi who was organizing the party and has his own clothing line, his surfer friend who made all the candles and has a surf shop, and his wife Shanti who also was organizing and works with my boss as well. The music was played insige the small bar and was 3 sets...#1 was a dude who played a bunch of different instruments and looped the sounds to make cool ass beats. He played a bunch or random percussion devices, bells, chimes, keyboard, and guitar. it was awesome and very unique. He also had trippy images projecting on the wall the whole time. #2 was Mamadou playing two traditional style drums and also a furry stringed instrument/drum all in one. #3 was the first two dudes (first guy on guitar only) plus a drum kit and an electric bass. They played some super cool funky shit and my surfer dude buddy grabbed me and made me dance. we got down hard too. It was real fun and a lot of people got into it. Ill have to buy a cd next that was the night...I got hooked up with a group of 5 japanese people to walk down to the train with so I got a lot more practice speaking and am feeling much more comfortable with my japanese so thats sweet.